Youth can win Northern Cape

Andrew Louw MPL

DA Northern Cape Premier Candidate

The youth in the Northern Cape have a crucial role to play in our democracy. If all of us keep standing on the pavilion, our province will be looted.

The DA believes in a future for the Northern Cape where real jobs are possible, where corruption is non-existent and where the youth are uplifted with proper education and entrepreneurial support.

For the Youth to win their future and to own their destiny, they have to register this weekend and vote for change in our province.

Unemployment and empty job promises from Jacob Zuma’s ANC has had terrible consequences, pushing disillusioned and desperate people to drug use and alcoholism. The sense of despair in many of our communities is palpable.

The top priorities of a DA administration in the Northern Cape would be to create the real jobs sorely needed in the province. Key partnerships are needed in agriculture, mining and manufacturing & services sector.

Every young person has dreams and ideals for their future.

The DA believes every dream can become a reality but it requires hard work, dedication and the necessary support along the way.

The youth represent a future South Africa which can be freed from unemployment, poverty and inequality. In the Northern Cape this future has no space for politics as usual or corruption under Jacob Zuma’s ANC.

Register to vote. Vote to change your tomorrow.