ANC back to buying votes for food parcels

Athol Trollip (MPL

Eastern Cape Provincial Leader

The practise of doling out food parcels is the ultimate example of the ANC’s patronising attitude towards the people of the Eastern Cape and especially the rural poor.

It has come to my attention that food parcels were handed out to farm workers in the Bathurst area last week by the ANC.  These people are vulnerable and should not be exploited in this manner.  The only time such gifts are handed out by the ANC, is before an election.

Last week hundreds of food parcels were laid out in front the SASSA office in Port Alfred, where people with cars came to load up their “allocation”.  In the meantime those in real need, such as the Benevolent Society, who has a list of 350 people, and the Port Alfred Soup kitchen, don’t get any such support.

What we need is honest efforts by the ANC to create jobs so that people can get out of the poverty trap.  It is not their job to buy votes with food parcels.  But it is obvious that Jacob Zuma’s ANC will go to any lengths to keep people in a system of patronage, dependency and enslavement.

The DA is ready to govern and to address this dependency cycle that keeps so many people of this province in political bondage.

That is why we have policies to improve education, create 6 million new jobs, create 1 million internships every year and pay for every single qualifying South African’s tertiary education.

We will cut out the corruption and get rid of incompetent, corrupt and self-serving political leaders and civil servants.

This is a party for all South Africans. We know that apartheid dispossessed and disadvantaged black South Africans. We want to redress this by creating opportunity for all South Africans to progress in life and become independent from an overbearing and patronising government.

That is why the DA is growing stronger and stronger.  We are asking you to take responsibility for your life and for your future by making the change to the DA.