ANC embraces political gangsterism in the Western Cape

Ivan Meyer MPP

DA Leader in the Western Cape

The DA condemns the re-instatement of Loyisa Nkohla and Andile Lili in the ANC in the Western Cape.

If the ANC was serious about campaigning with maturity and presenting itself as an orderly alternative, it would have permanently suspended Nkohla and Lili.

The destructive campaign by Nkohla and Lili, which has incited violence and looting, has been divisive in the Western Cape and has done little to solve people’s problems.

We want to engage with communities to resolve whatever service delivery concerns they may have. But when attempts at constructive engagement are met with confrontational poo protesting, it is difficult to make progress.

We will continue to work with everyone that is willing to commit to constructive engagement.

It is unfortunate that the ANC has now decided to endorse Nkohla and Lili’s actions by reinstating them as ANC members.

The voters of the Western Cape have always rejected this kind of politics. We need to bring people together to make real change happen. Throwing faeces and looting will get us nowhere.

The ANC will now lose even more votes, as people in the Western Cape distance themselves from the behaviour of the ANC poo-protestors.