ANC in violation of Electoral Code of Conduct

Patricia Kopane

DA Free State Premier Candidate

The DA has laid criminal charges against ANC Mantsopa Ward 2 councillor, Kgotso Ngakalebe, under section 99 9.2 (c) of the Electoral Act, (Act 73 of 1998). Councillor Ngakalebe is in contravention of the Act for sabotaging a DA event in Dipelaneng, Hobhouse today. Councillor Ngakalebe collected the keys to the Dipelaneng Community Hall in a bid to prevent a DA event from proceeding.

The DA has applied for all the permissions and made all the payments for use of the community hall in accordance with the Law.

The DA will also report this incident to the IEC for further investigation and censure.

The DA’s visit to Mantsopa Local Municipality today forms part of our roadshow taking the DA’s plan for Free State government to our people.

This is just another indication of the extent to which the rot of Zuma’s ANC’s intolerance towards multiparty democracy has set it.

The DA shall not be intimidated by the ANC’s desperate attempts at preventing us from taking our message to the people.