ANC protects premier’s R5 million luxury car spending spree

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

The ANC today used its majority in the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature to quash a DA motion calling for a parliamentary investigation into Premier DD Mabuza’s three-car R5 million luxury car spending spree.

Click here to view the motion.

In the motion the DA challenged the ANC members to uphold their so-called values of being a party for the poor, one that cares for the people of Mpumalanga, and that it would take decisive action against any corrupt official or politician.

Once again, the ANC failed to walk their talk, and once again, Mpumalanga’s poor take a back seat to the premier’s quest for a life of luxury at the public’s expense. And no matter what excuse the ANC or its MPLs choose to dish up, the fact is that they failed to take action against the premier who blatantly violated the prescripts of his privilege of office.

In tabling the motion, the DA has now put the ANC in a position where its provincial office bearers formalised a decision to protect one of their own, and by so doing, have made themselves culpable and jointly responsible for what may become wasteful expense.

The DA will therefore write to the Public Protector requesting an investigation into the premier’s violation of the ministerial handbook, as well as request the Auditor-General to do same.

The DA will continue with our efforts to hold the premier and his life of luxury to account.