Athol Trollip is DA Premier Candidate for the Eastern Cape

Edmund van Vuuren MPL

DA Provincial Chairperson

I am proud to announce the DA’s Premier candidate in the Eastern Cape, Athol Trollip.  He has his roots firmly in the Eastern Cape.  He is a fluent Xhosa speaker and son of the soil.  Athol Trollip is passionate about the plight of the rural poor, being a farmer for many years.

His track record as a public representative – over 15 years as a Member of Parliament,  Member of the Provincial Legislature and District Councillor — can leave no doubt in the minds of voters that he has the interests of this province and its citizens at heart.

Poor service delivery, unspent funds, cadre deployment, corruption and the general lack of accountability are weaving a path of destruction throughout the province.  As the African National Congress implodes so the DA continues to grow.

Athol Trollip has a vision for the Eastern Cape as a province of rising opportunity where jobs will be created, crime will be reduced, service delivery improved and a roads network that is fully functional.    This is a vision that will replace despair with inspiration, hopelessness with opportunity and inaction with change.

More and more voters are realising that it is a two-horse race between the DA and the ANC and are aligning themselves with the DA as a progressive force for change.

As Premier he will institute the sweeping changes that will bring prosperity to the Eastern Cape by eradicating corruption and creating jobs.