Bekkersdal: DA demands urgent action against gun-wielding former ANC councillor

John Moodey MPL

Provincial Leader

The DA in Gauteng calls on the ANC in the province to take urgent action against the gun-wielding former councillor photographed during the party’s botched campaigning attempt in Bekkersdal last week.

According to the City Press, the man pictured in an ANC bib openly carrying a firearm during the tense stand-off with community members is Nelson Mdayi, a local ANC leader, former councillor and an employee of the municipality.

Not only is it reckless and dangerous to carry a firearm during a public political event, it is also in contravention of s9(2)(b) of the Electoral Code of Conduct.

The Code explicitly states that no person may carry or display arms or weapons in any public political event. The Code applies to all political parties, candidates, office-bearers, representatives, members and supporters.

The DA calls on the ANC to take the necessary action against Mdayi, who was clearly acting as a representative and supporter of the party.

The DA also requests that the Electoral Commission investigate this clear contravention of the Electoral Code of Conduct and take the appropriate action against the ANC for its failure to uphold the commitment to the Code.

The DA also believes that Mdayi, as employee of the Westonaria Local Municipality, should be investigated for campaigning for a political party during office hours. The Westornia Local Municipality must explain Mdayi’s absence from work and take the necessary disciplinary action.

The Electoral Code of Conduct exists to ensure and promote free, fair and orderly elections.

The highly contested nature of this watershed election in Gauteng and the increasing desperation of the ANC as it support slides makes upholding the Code in all cases of utmost importance.

The DA calls on the ANC to reassure the people of Gauteng that it remains committed to a defeat at the ballot box, and not at the barrel of a gun.

The ANC must convincingly demonstrate its commitment to free, fair and orderly elections in Gauteng by taking urgent action against Mdayi.