DA calls for investigation into Mpumalanga premier’s abuse of public funds

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

The DA will ask the Public Protector to investigate Mpumalanga premier DD Mabuza’s excessive abuse of public funds on memorial services for late president Nelson Mandela. This tarnishes the legacy of a great man who would rather have seen those funds spent on uplifting the poor.

According to reports, Mabuza’s office spent R70 million celebrating former president Mandela’s life after his passing last December. It is further alleged that five departments had to transfer funds earmarked for giving the poor a better life, to the Office of the Premier, to make up for this expense.

The people of Mpumalanga deserved to attend events celebrating the legacy of Madiba, but the DA does not believe that the father of our nation would have approved of the poor being forced to suffer at the expense of celebrating his life.

By openly flaunting public finance and procurement legislation in arranging the memorial services, the DA believes that premier Mabuza used these events as an excuse to promote his own floundering public profile.

In the Western Cape, the DA-led government balanced responsible spending with public memorial services, and gave people the opportunity to grieve Madiba while still caring for the most vulnerable.

The DA believes that premier Mabuza’s spending was hopelessly excessive, and that he should be held to account. We will therefore write to the Public Protector and request an investigation into the abuse of public funds for what can only be described as political gain.