DA launches campaign bus for Northern Cape Premier Campaign

Andrew Louw MPL

DA Northern Cape Premier Candidate

The DA has today launched the official Premier Campaign bus in Roodepan, Kimberley, before departing for Mier and Upington where we will be canvassing support for the next two days.

The blue bus will lead the way, as our campaign team travels thousands of kilometres across the Northern Cape. We will speak to every community, from Kimberley to the furthest corners of the province. Every day, we are going door-to-door to spread our message of bringing change that stops corruption and creates jobs.

We are stepping up the intensity of our campaign. From today, and for the next 41 days of the campaign, we will begin with the mass mobilisation phase of our plan. This will include daily rallies in different parts of the province, increased door-to-door efforts by our activists in every town, more posters and billboards and increased intensity of our radio and television advertising campaign. We are going all out to deliver the DA’s message to every single voter in the province.

DA leaders from across the country will periodically also be deployed to the province to increase the impact of our campaigning.

So far, I have already visited over 70 towns and communities, and spoken to thousands of residents. The message from these voters is that they are tired of corruption and want to see change happen. They want us to stop corruption, create jobs and start delivering services. They are tired of the lack of opportunity on offer by Zuma’s ANC. They are tired of the hypocrisy of Zuma’s ANC. They are tired of the corruption in Zuma’s ANC.

I have presented these very people with the DA’s alternative  – Together for Change, Together for Jobs.

The response from the people on the ground has been overwhelmingly positive. Never before have we experienced such support. They are coming over to the DA in unprecedented numbers.

The DA is going to give everything we’ve got to win this province. We want to win, because we can make the Northern Cape better for everyone. We can bring people together. We can stop corruption. We can create jobs.