DA: Moloto road – Together For Life

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

The Democratic Alliance has made a public pledge to the residents of Thembisile Hani, that if we win the 7 May 2014 Elections, our very first task will be to see the implementation of the Moloto rail corridor and a DA government will take immediate steps to make the infamous Moloto road safe.

This visit, forming part of our Together For Change Tour follows only days after another fatal accident on the so-called ‘Road of Death’. While the ANC has practically abandoned all intentions to develop the rail corridor we made this pledged to the people of Thembisile Hani municipality and that we stand in solidarity with them, Together for Life.

For over 10 years, hundreds of Thembisile Hani residents have lost their lives on the Moloto road while hearing countless excuses from the current administration as to why the Moloto Rail Corridor was being delayed.

Every day, thousands of commuters risk their lives travelling on the R573 in search of work opportunities in Gauteng, while their municipality’s potential for job creation remains untapped.

Under a DA government, the safety of Moloto commuters will be our top priority.

In addition, once implemented, Special Economic Zones and Job zones will be established at each railway station along the route, creating thousands of jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities.

In this process, not only will local skills be developed, but business opportunities will be created for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Too many lives have been arbitrarily lost on the Moloto road. Enough is enough. On 7 May voters have a choice: either they can vote ANC with more empty promises on this project or they can vote DA and see a DA government action our pledge on implementing this essential project.

Together For Change, Together For Jobs, Together For Life.