DA rejects tolling of any kind on Western Cape highways

Dr Ivan Meyer MPP

DA Leader in the Western Cape

As long as the DA governs the Western Cape, we will not allow tolling of any kind to take place on our province’s highways.

At a press conference today, SANRAL representatives stated that tolling would continue as traditional “boom-down” tolling at toll plazas. We utterly reject any form of tolling on our highways.

The N1 and N2 are vital for carrying people to and from work in Cape Town, as well as for transporting goods in and out of the City of Cape Town.

Tolling this region is economic madness.

It will hit poor commuters hardest. It will increase the cost of basic goods like food. It will make Cape Town less competitive and will kill jobs.

It will cost millions to implement and manage this new toll system. It is also not necessary.  The quality of roads in the Western Cape is the best in South Africa. There is no need for tolling here. Our roads are in excellent condition.

SANRAL should rather focus on the many other parts of the country where road infrastructure is collapsing.

We have already successfully interdicted SANRAL’s initial intention to implement tolling on the N1 and N2.

We will fight tolling with every tool at our disposal.