Mpumalanga health department refuses patients treatment

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

Note: The following member statement was delivered by James Masango to the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature.

Patients at the Rob Ferreira hospital are being refused treatment because the health department cannot pay its debts.

The contractor for maintaining the lifts at the hospital has not been paid for over three years, yet it continued to maintain and service them. Now the lifts crucial repair and spare parts – and the contractor refuses to supply these without some form of payment.

As we speak, patients cannot go to theatre for an operation unless they are able to walk up stairs, and the Honourable MEC must explain why, and what she intends doing about it.

Refusing the people of Mpumalanga access to health care is a rights violation, and the honourable MEC needs to remember that she needs to provide the Human Rights Commission with a detailed plan of action to address critical shortcomings in her department by the end of this month – as a result of a DA complaint.

The DA will not hesitate to report this matter to the HRC either.