Taxpayers pay for dumped construction materials at Ezenzeleni housing development

Patricia Kopane MP

DA Free State Premier Candidate

The Free State provincial government dumps millions of rands worth of construction materials at Ezenzeleni while hundreds of people continue to live in shacks just opposite the dumping ground.

The housing development at Ezenzeleni in Warden remains incomplete after years of construction and reconstruction.

During a recent oversight visit to Ezenzeleni as part of our DA Free State road show we were shocked to discover rows of incomplete houses and heaps of damaged and disused construction materials. Families who already moved into houses were summarily evicted and the houses demolished.

The huge mounds of bricks, door and window frames are being protected by mobs of ANC supporters under the supervision of a local ANC councillor. DA public representatives (two MPs, an MPL, and a councillor) who inspected these sights were mobbed by ANC supporters who did not want photos taken of the millions of rands worth of dumped building materials. This project is indicative of how the ANC government in the Free State continues to waste taxpayers money and then try to cover up the evidence.

This particular housing development is mired in controversy.

The contract to construct 336 RDP houses was awarded to Allitory and another contract for 96 land restitution houses was awarded to Koena Property Developers at a cost of R10 515 481.87 and R6 687 542.23 respectively.

The houses were built and was then found to be unfit for habitation due to the inferior quality of material used, such as cement. Inspectors decided to order demolishment of the houses and the contract for the reconstruction was again awarded to Koena Property Developers for completion at a cost of R15 175 263.90 despite being implicated with the shoddy construction of the original houses.

Approximately 8 700 houses across the Free State remain incomplete. The ANC-led Free State provincial government has previously said that it will complete all housing units before the end of the current financial year. It is highly unlikely that the government would meet this target.

This is just another example of how the ANC-led government of Ace Magashule continues to make false promises while hundreds of thousands of people in the Free State continue to live in abject poverty. Ace Magashule’s government continues to use state resources and tenders to reward his cronies at the expense of our people.

Only a DA government in the Free State will be able to deliver quality housing in fully integrated developments. It is time for change and the people of the Free State will make their voices heard on the 07th of May.