Thaba Chweu mayor must explain water supply shortages

Sonja Boshoff MP

DA Mpumalanga member of the NCOP

The DA is concerned over the Thaba Chweu municipality’s apparent inability to provide for the water needs of Lydenburg’s residents.

During the past few weeks, residents of high-lying areas around town were left without water for three days or more at a time, and if water does flow, it is filthy and unfit for human consumption.

Click here to view photo taken of the water this morning.

Irate residents have been hounding municipal officials for explanations, and none have been forthcoming – only that the problem is being attended to.

However, according to DA information, the control panel for the pumps that feed the high-lying areas is damaged beyond repair, and that the municipality does not have the necessary finances to replace it. It is further alleged that the municipality has once again turned to mining companies in the area for assistance, of which one has seconded technical personnel to the municipality.

It is clear that the municipality under the stewardship of ANC mayor Michael Ncongwane is completely unable to deal with their mandate of providing quality and decent services to residents, and are now relying on the private sector to do so. This reliance is wholly unsustainable, and it is only a matter of time before that avenue is closed too.

Despite the efforts of the so-called intervention task team sent to the municipality late last year, Thaba Chweu stumbles from one crisis to the next, without the necessary professional expertise, technical know-how, and financial wherewithal to stay afloat.

What is clear, is that residents are forced to suffer the consequences of years of ANC misrule, corruption and nepotism – and mayor Ncongwane needs to explain.

To this end, the DA will submit questions to Mayor Ncongwane for the next council sitting, demanding an explanation over the real reasons for the continued interruption of water supply, and to furnish council with a detailed plan to resolve the problem.

Access to potable water is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and mayor Ncongwane has sworn to uphold those rights.