ANC abuses Legislature resources for campaign work

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

The DA will ask the Public Protector to investigate the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature’s voter education programme set to take place across the province this week, as it is nothing more than a thinly disguised ANC electioneering campaign.

Members of the Provincial Legislature were informed of the programme, set to start in Middelburg today, late last week, more than a week after Legislature has risen.

Click here to view the programme.

There is absolutely no doubt that the ANC is using this voter education programme as a smokescreen to lay their hands on Legislature resources to contest the 2014 elections, despite the fact that the 2009-2014 Legislature session has risen, and will only be reconvened after the elections.

That said, any and all activities of the Legislature, including committees, sittings of the house and public participation programmes have to cease, and MPLs have not officially been recalled from constituency recess to conduct Legislature business.

The election campaign is in full swing and political parties should pay for their own campaigns, and the DA will not sit by and watch as public funds are abused on yellow T-shirts, VIP accommodation, meals and transport as a fig leaf for the ANC’s campaign.

To this end, we will write an urgent letter to the Speaker, William Lubisi requesting him to provide us with all training material applicable to this tour. We will also demand an explanation of where the funds were allocated from and why the programme is only being implemented now.

The DA will write to the Public Protector requesting an investigation into the abuse of public funds, and if needs be, request for an interdict to have it suspended.