ANC abuses SANRAL function for campaigning in Ventersburg

Patricia Kopane

DA Free State Premier Candidate

Zuma’s ANC hijacked a SANRAL event to launch the newly realigned stretch of the N1 in Ventersburg yesterday.

Thousands of ANC supporters attended the event in ANC regalia while performers were waving ANC flags about on stage shouting “Vote ANC” slogans.

We have also learned that 10 companies were contracted to supply individual lunch parcels of R75 per person to the value of R375 000.00. Our conservative estimate on the total cost of this event amounts to more than a R3 million.

The N1 Realignment project has been underway since 2007 to the value of more than R300 million. SANRAL also have a contractual obligation to repair damaged municipal roads used to reroute traffic during the construction period, but it has informed the municipality that it overspent on the realignment project and would be unable to meet its obligation. But SANRAL suddenly ‘found’ money to buss in ANC supporters, to feed them, and to pay for a massive launch event to the benefit of the ANC without any hesitation.

SANRAL is a national state agency and should not involve itself with the election campaigns of the ANC. This is another example of how Zuma’s ANC benefits through cadre deployment. The ANC does not have enough money to drive its own election campaign and resorts to abusing taxpayer money for its own political expedient ends.

We will report this incident to the Public Protector and request her to include this SANRAL event in her on-going investigations into the ANC’s abuse of public funds for electioneering purposes.

The ANC no longer cares about free and fair elections. It now unashamedly uses taxpayer money to campaign instead of utilising taxpayer money to deliver much needed services to communities across the Free State.

It’s a serious threat to democracy when the governing party, the ANC, uses state resources and state agencies to advance its agenda. From the SABC banning the DA’s commercial, SASSA distributing food parcels and blankets at ANC rallies and now using SANRAL for electioneering purposes, we can see that Zuma’s ANC is desperate for votes.

Only the DA remains committed to the ideals of the Constitution. Where we govern we ensure that politicking stay out of government. We deliver for all. On 7 May millions across South Africa will put their trust in the DA.