ANC hijacks Chatsworth SAPS ceremony

Dianne Kohler Barnard, MP

DA Shadow Minister of Police

The “hand over” of the Chatsworth Police Station earlier today – a facility ironically already renovated and in full use for the past four years – should have been a highlight for the SAPS members who work there.

Instead it was turned into a farce as ANC members hijacked the event, turning into a cheap electioneering racket.

The event was further marred by the late arrival of the Minister of Police – some one-and-a half hours late.

In so doing he showed utter contempt, not only for the so-called VIPs, but mainly for the bussed-in crowds who had sat there from 8 am.

I may well have considered waiting for the Minister’s had I not seen a woman in an ANC T-shirt begin dancing in front of the “VIP” seats.

The extraordinary arrogance of ANC Councillors throwing their weight around, literally yelling at SAPS members to get their own seats was the final straw and I left the function.

R120m was spent on this state-of-the-art Station. The money wasted on Nkandla could have built two more such stations to lift our SAPS members from the squalor of facilities such as that at Bayview.

What should have been a wonderfully uplifting event for SAPS members was today hijacked as an ANC function with an ANC lack of basic manners.

Governments have fallen after treating its citizens with contempt. The writing is on the wall for this one.