Excessive expenditure and poor service delivery issues must be addressed in the Emalahleni municipality

Athol Trollip MPL

DA Leader in the Eastern Cape

Note: DA Leader in the Eastern Cape Athol Trollip, John Cupido MPL and DA Councillors hosted a public meeting in Dordrecht in the Eastern Cape.

Poor service delivery, excessive expenditure and the Jacob Zuma led ANC’s skewed priorities are major issues in the town Dordrecht in the Eastern Cape. Residents of Dordrecht deserve equal opportunities, quality services and a government that prioritizes their needs.

There are no proper toilet facilities in some areas within Dordrecht, many residents use the bucket system and there is an ongoing problem with poor service delivery in the area. Quality services are a luxury in this town; the ruling party delivers when it comes to providing services but the standard and quality of these services in not up to par. Government must prioritize the needs of all people; preference must not be given to those in office opposed to those in need.

The mismanagement of funds and excessive expenditure are other issues that must be addressed. The Mayor of Emalahleni Local Municipality, Mrs Nyukwana invited 33 Councillors, senior managers as well as staff members  to the Mpekweni resort earlier this year; this was an excursion that allegedly cost ratepayers just under R1 000 000. This excursion was unbudgeted for and constitutes unauthorised expenditure. During a council meeting last year, Acting Municipal Manager Oxley Ngqele attempted to raise his concerns about corruption in the municipality and was consequently fired on the spot.

We cannot keep mum about the high levels of corruption in the Eastern Cape; local residents need a government that is concerned about cutting out corruption and creating jobs. If elected to national government the DA will prioritize the needs of all South Africans, create permanent jobs and cut out corruption. Our success story is evident in the Western Cape, we want to do the same in the Eastern Cape. Together we can make this a reality. Voters have the opportunity to vote for a diverse party for all people on 7 May 2014.

Together for change, together for jobs.