Karos Intermediate School 2 weeks without water

Andrew Louw MPL

DA Leader and Premier Candidate in the Northern Cape

The DA will be writing to Education MEC Griezelda Cjiekella demanding that she urgently address the water crisis at Karos Intermediate School, situated on the outskirts of Upington.

The school has gone 2 weeks without clean running water, which has necessitated the Principal to shut the school down and send learners home.

A visit to the school today, revealed that the Principal had reported the matter to the Khara Hais Municipality and the Provincial Education Department previously, however the school remains without water to this day.

The inaction is made worse by the fact that the situation could’ve been addressed during the recent school holidays. However the bureaucracy and red-tape has cost valuable teaching time.

It is unacceptable that school children, most of whom are from poor backgrounds, are denied their Constitutional right to an education and have to suffer due to the inability of Zuma’s ANC, under Premier Sylvia Lucas, to deliver basic services to their school.

It is time parents and educators stand up for the rights of the children and learners. On 7 May 2014 they have the opportunity to stand together for change, and vote in a DA government that will deliver services to all.