Msukaligwa’s communities deserve a caring DA administration

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

Residents of Msukaligwa’s communities deserve a caring and professional DA government dedicated to serve their needs.

Yesterday, the Team DA “Together For Change Tour” toured the “Sun City” RDP section in Ward 16, and found children exposed to health risks by having to jump over streams of sewage on their way back from school.

Residents of these newly built houses are forced to live in homes without proper sanitation, among manholes that spew raw sewage into the streets and people’s yards. In some areas, sewage bubbled up from broken pipes underground.

Click here for images.

In our manifesto, the DA prioritises the delivery of basic services through open and fair tender processes. By awarding contracts to businesses run by suitably skilled individuals who have a real interest in developing communities, there would be much less people living near health hazards caused by raw sewage.

Our transparent tender processes would be backed by a competent municipal government that finds workable solutions instead of ignoring people’s pleas for proper sanitation.

Cleaning up Msukaligwa’s local government sector would also result in the creation of real and sustainable jobs that would uplift and transfer skills to community members.

The DA is committed to building a better life in our communities, and through the provision of a platform for people to flourish, we will build communities free from neglect and suffering.