SCOPA holds public hearing on mine royalties “D-account”

John Franzsen MPL

DA Whip – NW Provincial Legislature

The Public Accounts Committee (SCOPA) of the North West Legislator held a public hearing in Brits in the Madibeng White Hall on issues relating to the D-account.

The D-account is an account where all mining companies, mining on land of Traditional Authorities, deposit royalties for the traditional authorities.

The account is administrated by the Dept of Finance in conjunction with the Dept of Local Government & Traditional Affairs. This account has not been audited for the last 20 years.

Over the years, 100’s of millions of Rands have been deposited in this account and today relatively very little remains.

After a full year of public hearings, the Committee is no further in unraveling the exact state of these monies, no visible upliftment can be identified in communities and a cloud hangs over the administration of these funds.

Approximately 200 persons attended; amongst them were representatives of various Tribal Authorities, mining companies, Auditor General, the HAWKs and the Dept of Finance of the North West Province.

Critically absent were the Premier and the MEC of Local Government & Traditional affairs, although being invited.

With the end of term of the North West Legislator due on 6 May and it’s last Sitting due on 8 April, it is clear that no factual results will be forthcoming from the Public Accounts Public Hearings on this matter.

The DA will ensure that the “Handover Report” of the Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee reflects an accurate record of what has transpired during the last years public hearings and that the to be appointed Public Accounts Committee gives full and urgent attention to finalize the mystery of the D-account.