Together, Let’s win the Northern Cape

Andrew Louw MPL

DA Northern Cape Premier Candidate

Today, we launched the final phase of the DA’s posters for the Northern Cape provincial elections and welcome more than 50 new DA members from the Gongong community in Barkley West.

The new DA members have realised that the ANC of Jacob Zuma is not the same as that of Mandela and Mbeki and have made the change from the ANC to the DA to stand Together For Change and Together For Jobs.

The posters, in addition to our on the ground campaigning, are aimed at getting as many residents who are registered to vote, to go out and vote DA on 7 May 2014.

Both events are uniting the support for the DA in the province around the shared goal: Together, Let’s win the Northern Cape.

The choice for voters in this election has become an increasingly clear one. On Election Day they have the opportunity to stand together for change and together for real and permanent jobs with the DA.

The 2014 election results will go down to the wire in the Northern Cape, as the race is effectively only between the ANC and us. These posters are aimed at delivering an important message to Northern Cape voters with just over 2 weeks to Election Day, we can win the Northern Cape.

The new members of the DA family in Gong Gong are tired of the lack of service delivery. They are struggling with no electricity, battling with housing issues and are fed up with corruption in the province.

Each poster the DA puts up on the streets of the Northern Cape is a reminder to the corrupt ANC of Jacob Zuma and John Block, that their days in government are numbered.

The DA will intensify its election campaigning, and continue to win hearts and minds of residents. Together, let’s win the Northern Cape.