Train derailed due to government’s lack of action

John Cupido MPL

Economic and Environmental Affairs in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature

The Democratic Alliance is outraged that government officials failed to address corruption issues in the Inkwanca Municipality.  A goods train derailed in Molteno yesterday and we believe that this was the result of local residents’ fury after government failed to react to the forensic investigation that revealed cases of corruption in the Inkwanca Municipality. Serious action must be taken to cut out corruption in this municipality.

Residents of Molteno have complained about fraud, nepotism and poor service delivery. A forensic investigation into the issue revealed that there have been corruption incidences in the area and immediate action should have been taken to remove the culprits. The MEC had given the municipality 30 days to take action yet no action was taken. The shear lack of good leadership has resulted in the violent protests that followed the announcement of the findings of the report which was tabled at a council meeting in January.

The Jacob Zuma led ANC is failing to cut out corruption on all levels in the Eastern Cape. It continues to fail members of communities that have long supported it. The ANC played an invaluable role in leading the struggle against apartheid under the presidencies of Tata Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki but the current leadership has let South Africa down.

The DA plans to cut out corruption and create equal job opportunities for all if elected to national government. We will bring change to the Eastern Cape with the help of all residents of this area.

The DA calls on the MEC to take immediate action against all corrupt government officials in the Inkwanca Municipality.