Vote DA for a better Free State

Patricia Kopane MP

DA Free State Premier Candidate

Note: This is an extract of a speech delivered by DA Free State Premier Candidate, Patricia Kopane, in Seeisoville Stadium, Free State today. 

Viva DA!

Dumelang batho beso!

Today is a great day for the people of the Free State. It’s great day today here in Moqhaka. It is a great day because the DA is here and the DA is here to stay!

I have a long history here in Moqhaka. Every year I come to highlight the ANC municipality’s poor service delivery record, and every year Mayor Jihad Mohapi runs away from us. Mayor Mohapi and his ANC friends have governed this municipality into the ground. They are eating our money. Money that they should use to build roads, houses, and ensure that everyone gets electricity and water.

The municipal manager of Moqhaka, Simon Mqwathi, is from Sasolburg. Ace Magashule promised him a job and brought him here. Now he earns more than R1 million a year doing nothing. Look at is town. This town does not have a good story to tell. The ANC is destroying this town.

Things in Moqhaka got so bad that we have called for this municipal council to be dissolved and that new elections are held here. But Ace Magashule is scared to do this because he knows that if we have elections here, the DA will win.


What you see here in Moqhaka is happening all over the Free State. As we stand here today more than 26 towns across the province does not have clean water to drink.

The corrupt government of Ace Magahule does not care about the people of the Free State. More than 8 700 RDP houses are incomplete. In Ezenzeleni the ANC built 340 RDP houses then they broke them down and built them again. They did this just because they needed more tenders to steal our money.

In Warden, MEC Zwane lives a mansion, while just across the road hundreds of families live in shacks without toilets, electricity and water. This is what the ANC of today is like. Selfish and corrupt.

More than 5000 families in the Free State are waiting for title deeds. The ANC of Ace Magashule doesn’t want to empower our people. Ace Magashule gives title deeds to his supporters in Parys, but he forgets about the rest of the Free State.

Our people in the Free State are suffering in unemployment and poverty. The current unemployment in the Free State is 39.9%. This means that out of a total possible workforce population of 1.25 million, 496 000 people are unable to find jobs. Youth unemployment in the Free State is at 45.3%.

Almost half the Free State population live in poverty on R800 or less a month. That is almost a million people who are suffering in poverty.

This is the work of Ace Magashule’s ANC. They want us all to be poor forever. But the DA will not allow this to happen.

We are the only party that can turn this province around. We are the only party that has a plan to create 6 million real jobs. We are the only party that delivers services to all.


It gives me great pleasure to now introduce our respected and much loved leaders here today. As you can see we are all women here.

Malibongwe! Wathint’ abafazi, wathint’ imbokodo!

Lindiwe Mazibuko is our leader in Parliament. Since her election she has fought for women’s rights and has without fear and intimidation championed the fight against Zuma’s corrupt ANC.

Lindiwe Mazibuko championed the fight against Zuma’s Nkandla corruption. She reported the president to the Public Protector. Thuli Madonsela found that Zuma’s ANC did steal our money to build his house. Money that was supposed to build houses for the poor in Gauteng.

Viva Lindiwe Mazibuko Viva!



Helen Zille is a strong woman. Undeer leadership the DA has grown. Under her premiership in the Western Cape we have shown South Africa what a good, clean government that thinks of the poor first, can do!

In the DA Western Cape government there is no corruption. If we find corruption, we fire and prosecute the corrupt. In the Western Cape the unemployment rate is the lowest in the country, 22.7%. More people get jobs under a DA government.

Under Premier Helen Zille, 76% of the provincial budget is allocated to poor communities. As a result of our commitment to fight poverty and deliver basic services, the Western Cape has the highest access to clean water (99.1%), flush toilets (90.5%) and electricity (93.4%) in the country.


Where we govern we care for the poor. In the Western Cape more households receive free basic water, free basic electricity and free basic sewerage and sanitation than anywhere else in South Africa.

Viva Helen Zille!

The DA changes people’s lives for the better. Vote DA for a better Free State!

Thank you.