Zuma’s ANC must apologise for lies about social grants

Sizwe Mchunu, MPP

Leader of the DA in KwaZulu-Natal

The Democratic Alliance utterly rejects statements made by KZN Agriculture and Environmental Affairs MEC, Meshack Radebe, regarding social grants not being for people who do not vote for the ANC. This is a blatant lie, purposefully being told to mislead people into voting ANC.

This is part of an ongoing propaganda smear campaign by the Zuma ANC to suggest that the DA would take away social grants if we were voted into government. This is a complete lie. In the places where we govern, we have made sure that social grants are rolled out professionally to make sure that everyone who needs assistance has the means to feed their families and support themselves.

The DA demands a formal public apology from the Zuma ANC, and MEC Radebe.

Social grants are a government service, and not a party-political patronage system. A DA government would also implement social grants. The government also has no right to deny anyone social grants, no matter who they vote for.

The ANC is purposefully spreading misinformation about how our government works, how social grants work, how elections work and what our party’s stance is on social grants to get people to vote ANC out of fear.

It shows how far things have gone backwards within Zuma’s ANC. The party is resorting to lies and fear mongering to garner votes. It is no longer the party it used to be.

Radebe must apologise for his statements and retract them.