Zuma’s election campaign tramples on the right to education

James Masango MPL

Spokesperson for education

President Jacob Zuma’s election campaign has taken precedence over education in Mpumalanga after a school closed its doors for the day so teachers can attend an ANC rally he will be addressing.

Yesterday learners of the Schoemansdal Combined School in Nkomazi were sent home with the message that there would be no classes today because president Zuma would be in the area.

There is absolutely no justification to interrupt our children’s education for an election campaign, and President Zuma and the ANC should be ashamed of themselves.

Instead, it illustrates the hypocrisy of President Zuma’s ANC who selfishly trample over the basic rights of our country’s citizens in a desperate attempt to win the hearts and minds of those they have long ago forgotten.

Our children are the future, and the education they receive is critical to acquire the skills and qualifications to get a decent job and build a better life.