DA members take up their posts in the Northern Cape

Andrew Louw MPL

DA Leader in the Northern Cape

The Democratic Alliance is excited to get started as the official opposition in the Northern Cape!

In the past, the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature’s (NCPL) functions have been hampered by the refusal of the ANC caucus to take executive oversight seriously. Also, not all portfolio committees, which are the engine rooms of the legislature, have been functioning optimally. As a direct result, mismanagement of government departments and corruption have been given free reign to flourish.

The DA will work hard to reverse the current trend of “rubber stamp oversight” practised by this legislature.

We will strive to ensure that the NCPL fulfils all of its constitutional obligations and retains its rightful place as the most important check and balance on the executive.

In doing so, we will not shy away from holding the ANC caucus to account. Especially as they increasingly serve to protect a government increasingly out of line with the principles set out in our Constitution.

We will also attempt to bring back robust debate to this institution, and maximize opportunities to ask parliamentary questions and table motions.

We owe this to all the people of the province who voted for the DA.

The DA legislature team, who all took their oaths of office during the legislature’s inaugural ceremony today, include:

  • Andrew Louw (DA Provincial Leader)
  • Harold McGluwa (DA Provincial Chairperson)
  • Boitumelo Babuseng
  • Safiyia Stanfley
  • Pule Thole
  • Ismail Obaray
  • Isak Fritz

The team has further elected its caucus leadership. Louw will serves as caucus leader, McGluwa as DA Whip and Obaray as Caucus Chairperson.