ANC bullying tactics in Council

Mergan K Chetty, MP

Democratic Alliance

It comes as little surprise that Msunduzi’s ANC Mayor and Speaker continue to display an arrogant attitude towards DA Ward Councillors – Witness 13 June 2014.

This ugly issue also surfaced last year, at the time it was part of the ANC’s pre-election ploy.    At that stage the following facts regarding this prejudicial conduct were omitted.  The DA held meetings with the Office of the Speaker, which failed to keep any proper records.  The DA sent petitions against ANC Councillors to the Speaker yet nothing ever happened. Public meetings held in DA Wards were disrupted by ill- disciplined ANC cadres or by Council officials’ failure to attend.

The ANC is now defending its poor service delivery to Msunduzi residents by misleading the public and blaming the DA. The criticism of DA councillors by the Mayor relates to complaints that residents of ANC wards are raising.  These include pre-election promises of free electricity, food vouchers, jobs and the cancelling of arrear accounts.  Of course this has failed to materialize and now residents are striking, barricading roads and rioting in the Northern areas.

The Mayor must be reminded that the DA wards in this area were retained with an increase in majority support in spite of the ANC’s underhand tactics.   The ANC must accept responsibility for its failure to deliver and stop blaming the DA.