ANC sabotages Free State Legislature

David van Vuuren MPL

DA Chief Whip in the Free State Provincial Legislature

All members of the Free State Provincial Legislature were invited to a meeting today to elect the chairpersons to the various portfolio committees. The meeting was supposed to start at 10:00. Only four members of the ANC pitched up while the all opposition MPLs were present.

The Chair Of Chairs who called for the meeting was also absent and despite the meeting having quorum, constituted by the opposition benches, to elect chairpersons to portfolio committees, proceedings couldn’t begin.

ANC members claimed that they can’t help it if the “public stops ANC MPLs en route to the legislature to thank them for their good governance” and that “it is understandable for ANC MPLs to run late as they all have a country to govern”.

As a result, after waiting for 30 minutes, the opposition walked out.

It is evident now that the elections have passed and on the day that ANC MPLs have received their first salaries, they couldn’t be bothered about showing up for work.

The DA will not allow the continuation of the ANC’s efforts to undermine and sabotage  the constitutionally mandated functions on this legislature. The Free State Provincial government governs with impunity while our people across the province suffer under the harsh conditions of poverty, inequality, unemployment and poor service delivery.

Committees form the engine room of the legislature and can’t begin with its function until chairpersons are elected.

We have written to the Chair of Chairs, Mr O Khoabane, and the Chief Whip of the majority party, Mr N van Rooyen, informing them that we will not be held hostage by the ANC’s lack of commitment to the functioning of the legislature and ill-discipline and that a new date must set to elect chairpersons.

The ANC in the legislature better catch a wakeup. We mean business.