ANC to blame for Brandfort Water Crisis

George Michalakis, MP

National Council of Provinces for the Free State and constituency head for Lejweleputswa Region

A report by a North West University research team into the Brandfort water crisis has identified 39 causes.  Eight of these are Eskom related, 11 are technical problems and another 16 are related to poor management by the ANC governed Masilonyana Local Municipality.

It is clear from this report that the water crisis can be directly linked to the ANC’s mismanagement of this municipality.

The report further highlights that only 28,9% of households in Masilonyana have access to a water source inside the dwelling, compared to 89,1% of Free State households and 73,4% of households nationally.

I have today written to the Minister of Water and Sanitation, Nomvula Mokonyane, requesting her department’s intervention into the water crisis based on the report’s findings as well as that of the 2013 report by the Human Rights Commission, on which the municipality has failed to act.

Although long term plans to solve the problem have been made and budgeted for by the Municipality, the crisis is immediate and immediate action is needed.