Cadre deployment: MEC Makhurupetja must act

Jacques Smalle (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

Bela Bela Municipality is on the verge on appointing the Municipal Manager and Director of Services without following correct procedures.

The DA was reliably informed that the Mayor, Freddy Hlungwane has approved the appointments without the concurrent of the MEC for Co-operative Governance MEC, Makoma Makhurupetja.

The Mayor wants to appoint the current Chief financial Officer (CFO) as the Municipal Manager and promote an ANC local councillor to become the Director of Services.

This Councillor does not meet the minimum criteria and requirements in this post as outlined in the new regulations of appointing senior managers in the municipalities.

It is also alleged that the short listing process was not followed. The Mayor has already discussed and signed R1.4 million salary packages for both individuals.

They have opted to disregard the new regulations and deploy those who are affiliated to the ANC. Their appointment is a clear cadre deployment.

The DA is deeply concerned about the lack of transparency and not following the correct procedures in appointing people especially in the section 56 positions.

The DA has already engaged the former MEC Ishamel Kgetjepe about the matter and he confirmed that his office was not informed about the appointments.

Now we want the new MEC Makhurupetja to urgently intervene by pausing the appointments and ensure that the correct procedures is being followed and qualified people are appointed.