DA KZN: Time for the Provincial Legislature to begin work in earnest

Mark Steele, MPL

Chief Whip to the DA in the KZN Legislature

The Democratic Alliance today issued an urgent appeal to the Legislature’s Chairperson of Committees to expedite the first meetings of all portfolio committees so that the work of the provincial Legislature can commence.

The appeal was made during a motion at today’s Sitting.

While election-time will always bring disruption to legislature activities, it has now been more than 50 days since ballots were cast.  It is widely acknowledged that the portfolio committees are the engine room of the Legislature, but if the committees are not meeting then the engine can’t even get into gear.

Furthermore, there are portfolio committees, including Scopa, which need to table and work on reports which were due on the 31 May.

The people of KZN elected this Legislature to work for them in exercising oversight over the work of the provincial government.  Further delays are simply unacceptable.