DA welcomes disbandment of Mpumalanga parastatal boards

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

The DA welcomes the decision to disband the boards of the province’s non-performing parastatals, and express our hope that premier Mabuza and his colleagues are now finally committing to clean corporate governance free from political interference.

According to reports, the premier and the provincial executive decided to disband the boards of the Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency and the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency – allegedly over the failure of both to carry out their mandate.

Both agencies have for years served as cushy appointments for ANC cadres loyal to Mabuza, and in many instances did not have the foggiest idea about the economic growth and development or tourism and conservation.

While the decision to disband both boards must be welcomed by every person concerned over the chaotic state of affairs at both agencies, the DA hopes that the premier and his cabinet will now learn from their mistakes in the past, follow due process, and appoint competent individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications to transform both agencies into engines of Mpumalanga’s growth.

The DA will closely monitor the board selection process as members are selected and appointed.