EPWP projects: New regulations needed for more transparency

Jacques Smalle (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The DA will be writing a letter to the MEC for Public Works, Jerry Ndou to establish new regulations to guide all councillors on how to appoint local residents to work on EPWP projects.

New regulations are needed following several allegations of nepotism and corruption in many projects across the province.

Recently, an ANC councillor has appointed his close cronies affiliated with the ANC on the water project in Thulamela.

It is alleged that the councillor appointed more than 15 people to work on the water project without following proper procedure.

Few weeks ago , the DA also requested the Public Protector to probe nepotism at Ndzelele Canal rehabilitation project based in Madimbo.

An ANC councilor has also appointed his pals to work at the water project and opted to sideline those who are not affiliated with the ANC.

No public meetings are being called to give details to the projects as well as setting out the criteria that will be used to appoint EPWP workers.

Instead ANC councilors are using their own discretion to appoint individuals at random in the areas where they reside.

We have received several complaints from activists where projects are underway.

Following our close monitoring in these projects, we have established that many of the workers were recommended by the ward councillors and that no transparent process has taken place.

Our Councillors and activists have tried several times to engage these councillors to raise our discontent about the issue but our attempts were fruitless.

EPWP can only benefit the people if it is transparent and the community was involved in the selection of workers participating in the programme.

Where the DA governs in the Western Cape , all our councillors are being guided by the regulations as outlined by the department of Public Works.

The DA urges the Department of Public Works to set clear regulations that will give guidelines to all councillors on how to appoint community members irrespective of their political affiliation.

The DA want MEC Ndou to urgently set regulations in this regard in ensuring that everyone gets a fair chance of participating in the programme.