KZN SOPA 2014: Premier must get down to the real business of running KZN

Sizwe Mchunu, MPL

Leader of the DA in the KZN Legislature

When KZN Premier, Senzo Mchunu, delivers his State of the Province address tomorrow, the DA does not want to hear ‘more of the same’.

Despite the Premier’s last SOPA being just four short months ago, we expect to hear something very different from the electioneering of February.

Tomorrow we expect the Premier to get down to the real business of running KZN.

Foremost, we expect him to detail when the Provincial Development Plan (PDP) will be rolled out in full.

This plan is the blue-print for success in KZN.  It has the buy-in of every political party in the province.  Yet it continues to be a ‘talking document’.

It is a plan which the Premier must urgently commit to as another recession looms.

Tomorrow the Premier must tell the citizens of our province how he and his ANC-led cabinet will;

–          Create economic growth and jobs in KZN

–          Fight corruption within the ranks of the provincial government

–          Attract investment to KZN

–          Limit political interference in government appointments and put an end to cadre deployment

–          Hold teachers and principals accountable for the quality of teaching and learning

–          Provide KZN’s citizens with a safe environment in which to live

Some of these will require funding and for this the Premier must fight for KZN to get sufficient funding through the equitable share.

The utterances of President Jacob Zuma – that South Africa is a nation at work – certainly do not apply in KZN.   Yet the irony is that PDP holds many of the answers to this challenge.

As the Official Opposition in KwaZulu-Natal the DA demands that Premier Mchunu actively commit to the PDP by rolling out its plans and policies.