Lack of Service Delivery in Emfuleni Leads to Protests

Kingsol Chabalala MPL

Spokesperson on Petitions

The lack of basic service delivery in Everton, Beverley Hills and Vanderbijlpark, all part of the Emfuleni Municipality, has left local residents in the dark.

The residents of Everton and Beverley Hills have had enough with the constant power outages and delayed municipal cleaning up – so much so that as of Friday last week, they took matters into their own hands and took to protesting with road closures whilst protestors hurled stones at passing motorists.

Similarly in Vanderbijlpark, protesting residents declared their disappointment in the Emfuleni Municipality for the billing crisis and power outages sighting their regret in the ANC-lead municipality with the extreme lack of competency.

There has been no police presence and although the communities tried to contact the Managing Officer at the Mayor’s Office, they are yet to hear back from him.┬áThe DA in Gauteng calls upon Gauteng Local Government MEC to step in before the situation gets out of hand and a repeat of Bekkersdal occurs.

We strongly condemn any violent protests and we further urge the Emfuleni residents to make use of alternative avenues such as the petitions system made available to them by the Gauteng Provincial Legislature where their grievances will be heard. Decisive and swift action not only from the local municipality, but also from the Gauteng Provincial Government must be made before these protests lead to even more uproar from the communities.