Magashule continues to misdiagnose Free State Health Crisis

Roy Jankielsohn, MPL

Leader of the Official Opposition in the Free State Provincial Legislature

Premier Ace Magashule continues to misdiagnose the crisis the Free State Provincial Department of Health finds itself in. The Premier has apparently asked other provincial government departments to adopt medical facilities because the Department of Health is unable to deliver on its mandate due to financial difficulties.

This latest initiative is completely ridiculous.

COGTA MEC, Me Olly Mlamleli, has decided to adopt the National Hospital and was seen distributing mink blankets to patients at the hospital. It is evident that she didn’t even spare a thought that these blankets are not suitable for medical facilities. All that mattered was a nice photo shoot for the cameras.

We wonder whether the Provincial Department of Agriculture will start planting vegetables and farming livestock at the medical facility it will adopt in order to produce food for patients?

Provincial departments have their own competencies and their own budgets that are supposed to be used to deliver services within their own mandates. Now Premier Ace Magashule expects other departments to jump, trying to rescue the Department of Health.

Any intervention to deliver services by any other provincial department within the Department of Health will amount to wasteful expenditure.

Premier Ace Magashule has clearly lost the plot. If he diagnosed the Free State Health Crisis correctly, the right treatment would have been to fire Health MEC Benny Malakoane and appoint a dedicated and competent individual.

The question begs, what sort of political hold does MEC Malakoane have over Premier Magashule, leaving the Premier unable to act in the best interest of the people of the Free State?