Major faults revealed at Jabulani Hospital

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health

Major faults at the newly opened Zola-Jabulani Hospital in Soweto have been revealed after an inspection there last week by the Department of Infrastructure Development.

These include inadequate ventilation at the Outpatients Consultation Rooms, which could cause cross-infection with Tuberculosis, and a Psychiatric Ward that does not comply with norms and standards, including locked doors that can be opened from the inside.

Five out of six lifts are not working, and the generator failed to kick in after a power cut.

The ablutions at the maternity theatres are assessed as posing a high infection risk, and the sewage pipe for the hospital is too small and could be blocked easily.

Enclosed golf carts are being purchased so that food and bodies can be covered when passing from the main building to the kitchen and mortuary which are outside instead of inside, a design fault which cannot be rectified at this stage.

Other identified faults are more minor, like loose taps and loose toilet seats.

I am really disappointed that so much still remains to be fixed at this hospital which was opened shortly before the election after many years of failed deadlines.

Contractors should be held accountable to rectify the problems as soon as possible.

I hope that lessons are learned for future building projects as this one has seen one disaster after another.