Petitions and Public Participation not just a tick on the box

Lebogang More MPL

Gauteng Spokesperson Petitions and Public Participation

It has been over a month after the country’s fifth’ democratic elections and Gauteng departments and municipalities remain mum in outstanding petitions which were received long before the end of the fourth political term. Over 110 Petitions remain unresolved, whilst government department officials seem to either be clueless or careless in urgently resolving all petitioned matters brought to their attention. This excludes additional 103 petitions that have been sent to the Human Settlements Department as “inquiries”.

When members of the public file petitions they expect speedy resolution as the Legislature intervenes in accordance with the Gauteng Petitions Act.
It is up to government departments and  local governments to act swiftly in finding resolutions to all petitions brought to their attention by the Gauteng Petitions Committee.

For the DA, Petitions and Public Participation is an important element to our engagement with society and not just a tick on the box off governments’ to do list for structures to be put in place.

It is a platform for public engagement with government and provides a bottom up approach where public opinion is taken into account.