Polokwane nurses left stranded for 3 days at training schools

Langa Bodlani MPL

DA Spokesperson on Health

Nurses from the Polokwane Provincial Hospital who were sent to various hospitals in the province for training on Wednesday, have been left stranded.

The DA this morning visited one of these training centres at Groethoek Hospital in Lebowakgomo to find these nurses without any bedding.  They had to sleep on the floor.

No training took place in the last three days. They have had to resort to buying their own food supplies as no provision was made for them.

Other nurses were sent to W.F Knoebel, Malamulele hospital and Mokopane hospital. They too did not get any training.

To make matters worse, the principal of Groethoek nursing school would not take responsibility for these nurses as no prior arrangements were made with her.

For these days wasted at this training, patients at Polokwane Hospital had to endure with inadequate nursing staff.

My attempts to get through to Health MEC Kgetjepe   telephonically for his intervention did not yield any results as his phone is off.

This is the most callous treatment of our nurses in these extremely cold winter seasons.  There is still no sign that transport is being arranged to get them back to Polokwane.

These nurses are desperate to get this training as this will improve their skills thus improving their capacity to care for our patients.

The DA will follow up on this matter to ensure that whichever official was responsible for this is held to account. This is not only a waste of taxpayers’ money, but this is also a waste of time which could have been used to care for our ailing patients.