Tenfold increase in support for the DA

John Moodey MPL

Caucus Leader and Gauteng Provincial Leader

2 by-elections in Pretoria on May 28 saw a victory for the Democratic Alliance, and a tenfold increase in support.

This massive growth was recorded in Soshanguve Ward 27, where the DA went from 4 to 40% of the vote. The election was called when the sitting ANC councillor was sentenced on fraud-related charges. Gauteng North Regional Chairperson Solly Msimanga hailed the result as a resounding success for the DA.

“The two by-elections show the strong growth that the DA is experiencing and goes to dispel the myth that the DA is only strong in so-called white areas. This demonstrates the DA’s broad diversity and growth across the political spectrum, and is an indication of bigger things to come. It shows that the ANC is a party in terminal decline.”

The Ward 58 election came about as a result of the defection by the local DA councillor the ANC, but the ward was convincingly held by the DA, with 62% of the vote. This was a 10% increase from 2011.

Constituency Head Justus de Goede commented that the election saw an exceptionally strong turnout in traditionally strong DA areas, and an overall improvement by the party in a mixed area of the city.

“This was a very strategically planned campaign with incredibly hard work by public representatives, activists and supporters of the DA which produced this very significant result. It gives a strong indication that the 2016 elections will give the capital city to the DA”

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