A DA Budget for REAL jobs in Gauteng

Janet Semple MPL

Spokesperson on Finance

The DA welcomes Premier David Makhura’s sincere desire and good intentions to exploit the economic potential of Gauteng as the economic powerhouse of South Africa through the proposed ten-pillar programme.

The Premier has outlined how this transformation of Gauteng will be brought about partly by the revitalisation of township economies (through the expansion of businesses that provide for the needs of local residents such as bread, school uniforms, furniture for government offices etc.).

These entrepreneurship opportunities will be targeted at the youth, women and those with disabilities. However, the most recent (2013) Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report found that SA youth do not have a high regard for entrepreneurship. In fact 61% of them thought that being an entrepreneur meant working too hard for too little money and even worse they are convinced that a government position is the best way to make money.

In order to realise the Premier’s dream, a dream the DA supports wholeheartedly, there will have to be a radical transformation of attitudes to employment. We hope the Premier will be just as strong on corruption as he is on the attitude of public servants.

However, this still also sounds just like another plan tabled five years ago by former Premier Nomvula Mokanyane: Kuyasheshwa. She turned out to be the Queen of Empty Promises.

Hon Premier, we appreciate your invitation to us “to work together in putting our people first as we move Gauteng” forward.