Budget vote speech: Community Safety, Security and Liaison

Jane Sithole MPL

DA Provincial Spokesperson on Community Safety and Liaison

Note: The following speech was delivered in the Mpumalanga Legislature today by the DA’s Provincial Spokesperson on Community Safety, Security and Liaison, Jane Sithole MPL, during the budget vote debate on Community Safety, Security and Liaison.

“Is Mpumalanga a safer place to live in today than it was yesterday?”

Speech highlights:

  • Engage provincial and national counterparts to change the crime statistics reporting timeline from annually to monthly or even quarterly
  • Use crime-statistics as a tool to identify hot spots
  • re-establish the specialised narcotics unit to combat the scourge of Inyaope on our communities
  • Establish fully functional municipal police services
  • Implementation of structured Rural Safety units

The full speech can be obtained here click here