Chatsworth safe from potentially harmful flu outbreak

Dr Imran Keeka, MPL

DA KZN Spokesperson on Health

The DA can dispel all previous reports of a potentially harmful flu outbreak in Chatsworth that was associated with RK Khan Hospital.

This follows a personal visit by myself yesterday to the hospital where I was able to determine that although there was a recent bacterial contamination in both the nursery and paediatric ICU; stringent safety measures have now been enforced to ensure that this is contained.

Both these units were infected by a bacteria usually found in the human body. This bacteria usually doesn’t cause harm although it can be both harmful and lethal to babies as their immune systems are weaker.

This bacteria was first picked up in the hospital’s nursery which is being evacuated along with the paediatric ICU. Those evacuated are being taken to McCords Hospital and RK Khan has sealed both its nursery and paediatric ICU for decontamination.

While the DA commends the hospital’s management and infection control unit for their speedy efforts in this regard, we are still concerned that this happened in the first place.

Although the DA would like to assure Chatsworth residents that there is no potential outbreak from the confines of RK Khan Hospital, we will still be calling on Health MEC Sibongiseni Dhlomo to launch a full investigation as to how this potentially fatal incident came about. As it stands, the DA is still not aware of any deaths directly related to this infection.