DA calls for urgent debate on learner drop-out rate

Jacques Smalle MPL

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The DA will be writing a letter to the Speaker in the Provincial Legislature requesting an urgent debate on the drop-out rate of learners at Limpopo schools.

The latest 2013 School Realities report indicates that enrolment between grades 1 and 3 has drastically dropped from 149 000 to 128 000.  In the Senior phase, the enrolment between grades 10 and 12 has immensely decreased from 187 000 to 86 000. This means an estimated 100 000 have dropped out of school between grade 10 and 12. This accounts for more than half of all learners.

We need an urgent debate in the Legislature on this topic.

Children who drop out of school before matriculating have a significantly reduced chance of finding employment and maximising their full potential.

Our education system is not serving these children in the way it should.

We need to find a way to improve our school system so that we retain more learners through to grade 12 and so that young people can be prepared for professional employment.

We cannot allow another generation of young people to be lost to a broken education system.