DA welcomes improved social development goals in Gauteng

Refileo Nt’sekhe MPL

Spokesperson on Social Development

In response to the Premier David Makhura’s State of the Province speech the DA welcomes the increased attention to social development goals. These being improved health care facilities to communities, rolling out of the HIV/AIDS programme and the provision of social grants.

The inquiry about social grants by potential beneficiaries is marred by poor customer services at SASSA offices in the Gauteng province, with people being sent from pillar to post. I encourage the premier to look into the customer service offering of the Gauteng offices to ensure that people’s dignity is restored instead of being denied.

The DA further welcomes the plan to strengthen rolling out of HIV/AIDS programs in the Province. This is said on the premise that last year in Gauteng clinics, patients were given a half-month supply of anti-retrovirals due to stock-outage. This sadly had economic implications for the beneficiaries who had to skip work twice a month to collect their medication. Making them an unreliable workforce to their employers.

Strengthened social development for Gauteng is imperative in achieving an open society for all. We appeal to the Premier that these goals be actualised in his tenure.