Disastrous R1.3 billion underspend by Gauteng Health

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow Health MEC

I am appalled that the Gauteng Health Department failed to spend R1.355 billion of its 2013/14 budget of R28.7 billion.

This was revealed yesterday in the 4th Quarter monitoring report which was tabled at a meeting of the Gauteng Legislature’s Health Committee. The report covers the January to March period which ends the 2013/14 financial year.

The biggest failure was in capital spending, where R769 million for hospital building repair and machinery and equipment was unspent.

It is scandalous that so much money goes unspent when there are a barrage of complaints about crumbling hospitals and broken equipment

Non-profit institutions also suffered as R482 million was not paid over to them.

The underspend would have been higher but was partly offset by overspending of R357 million on the four academic hospitals.

This poor budget spending shows that gross mismanagement continues at this department despite promises of a “turn-around”.