Finance MEC must clarify comments on Gauteng indigent registrations

Refiloe Nt’sekhe MPL

DA Shadow MEC for Social Development

During last week’s Gauteng budget debate, Finance MEC Barbara Creecy indicated that the Gauteng provincial government would assist municipalities with indigent registrations.

However, the MEC failed to provide specific details regarding this vitally important programme.

I will therefore be submitting questions to the MEC of Finance to establish:

  1. How exactly the provincial government will be assisting municipalities in this regard
  2. What is the state of indigent databases in Gauteng municipalities
  3. Once indigents have been registered, how will they be assisted
  4. What is currently being done to communicate the availability of indigent programmes
  5. Have municipalities or the provincial government budgeted for this indigent programme. If not, why not.

The indigent programme is aimed at assisting the poorest of the poor. Without even basic human necessities they rely solely on such programmes just for survival.

It is vital that a programme which can provide people with relief and dignity is rolled out timeously and efficiently.