Gauteng Premier misspends public funds on political campaigning

John Moodey MPL

Caucus Leader and Gauteng Provincial Leader

The Gauteng Provincial Government is set to spend over R363 million on advertising and communications over the next financial year.

While public education campaigns are important, Premier David Makhura must justify this excessive expenditure.

During the 2014 National Elections, the Gauteng Provincial Government erected hundreds of billboards across the province adorned in ANC colours, and there is very little doubt that similar publicity campaigns aimed at telling a good story are in the pipeline.

Instead of focussing on skewed publicity campaigns, the R363 million should be used to bring much needed services to the people of Gauteng. Just this amount alone could build over 3600 low-cost houses, benefitting 14000 people.

Public funds must be used to serve the needs of the people, and not those of the governing party.