Kidnapping hijackers must face the full might of the law

John Moodey MPL

Caucus Leader and Gauteng Provincial Leader

Yesterday I paid a visit to the family of Taegrin Morris of Reiger Park to offer my sincere condolences for their tragic loss.

This is the second incident in just two weeks where hijackers have callously kidnapped children during a hijacking – despite the desperate pleas of their parents.

The DA is gravely concerned that a trend is emerging among hijackers to use children as hostages.

By keeping children as human shields, hijackers know that they can use innocents as bargaining chips, forcing police and security companies to be more cautious.

At present, kidnapping and robbery with aggravating circumstances is a Schedule One offence, and our justice system needs to respond accordingly.

To this end, we will request our colleagues in Parliament’s Justice Portfolio Committee to push for an instruction to have all incidents of hostage-taking prosecuted to the full extent, and to request maximum sentences after conviction.